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Our Code Of Integrity:

Mint Human Capital always stand by our founding principles towards both clients and candidates.  

Client Rights

Loyalty: We feel part of our client’s team, so consequently our client’s organisation is off limits to us.

Confidentiality: All documents and information will be classified depending upon sensitivity. Confidential items will be protected and appropriately handled according to strict procedures and processes.

Reliability: We will commit to complete any project in its entirety, on time and to the highest quality. We never give up.

Communication: The client will be entitled to receive a clear, prompt and accurate written progress report.

Professionalism: We provide solutions with the highest standards of competence, rigour and quality. Beyond the excellence of our services our clients choose to work with us because we are specialists of the highest integrity contributing to our respective communities.

Candidate Rights

Parallel Importance: Our candidates are as important to us as our clients, therefore we value them in exactly the same way.

Equal Opportunities: We take action to consider minority groups and evaluate every candidate with objectivity and fairness. We actively encourage diversity in everything we do.

Confidentiality: Candidates can be assured of our discretion. Their authorisation will always be sought for references and background checks.

Feedback: We will keep our candidates fully up to date with the progress of each recruitment exercise.

Interviews: Our candidates deserve interviews, which are punctual, organised, and objective.

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