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Client Services

Mint Human Capital provides a range of consultancy services for our clients, designed to research, approach, screen and bring forward the best performers in a market.  As a client, you can be assured of receiving a bespoke, personal service that will be tailored precisely to your specific needs.

Executive Search Recruitement

Mint Human Capital Executive Search Recruitment uncovers and delivers outstanding talented individuals for our clients. We are committed to identifying candidates who not only meet the specifications from the brief, but who also possess leadership excellence and qualities in keeping with the mission and values of our clients’ organisations to enable the successful achievement of our client’s business objectives.

Mint Human Capital has access to an extensive range of senior individuals covering many sectors and global geographies. In addition to our network we apply a proven traditional research methodology to identify exceptional talent, allowing for rapid and high quality results to be achieved for our clients.

Each engagement is unique and tailor designed to meet the clients’ needs, budgets, timeframes and culture. We approach each search assignment objectively by conducting a rigorous, in-depth process utilising original research as appropriate in order to ensure we identify those candidates who meet the specific requirements for the roles.

As a key part of our added value service, our clients receive project progress reports, evidence of current packages, sector trends/insights and candidate feedback on the recruitment process. Additional services include: Candidate Profiling and Talent Acquisition & Management for clients who need to know where their future talent pipeline is likely to be located.

Even after a position is filled, Mint Human Capital conducts ongoing follow-up with both client and candidate to ensure success of the new employee. Whether global, regional or local, our thorough approach ensures we meet and exceed our clients’ objectives.


Research for Search

Mint Human Capital Research for Search provides executive research and name generation services to various recruitment firms by augmenting their existing research capabilities in certain industry sectors or geographical areas of the world. Our service includes the following offering in a comprehensive package or unbundled manner:

Opportunity Write Up
We can write an extraordinary position profile that will attract the attention of top talent.

Target List Development
We can develop a strategic target list of organisations that will most likely yield high caliber passive candidates.

Name Generation
We can perform name generation, candidate identification or develop organisational charts of the targeted companies.

Direct Sourcing
We can directly source passive candidates, developing interest in your opportunity and screening for desired qualifications.

Direct Approach
We can directly approach individuals with a high degree of tact, professionalism and diplomacy, developing interest in your clients opportunity and screening for desired qualifications.

Candidate Profiling
We can profile a long list of passive candidates via in-depth telephone interviews or video conferencing sessions.

Reference Checking
Utilising a 360 degree reference checking process, we can check references and write reports for your shortlist of candidates.


Managed Services

Mint Human Capital is an in-house specialist provider of corporate RPO services. We are passionate about the impact that in-house recruitment can have on any organisation large or small and the value the function offers.

True RPO solutions manage the process from graduate through to C-level and help solve issues of internal mobility, redeployment, outplacement, temporary and contractor procurement in a one supplier package. This fundamentally differs from traditional staffing methods where staffing firms are a part of a process controlled by the company buying their services.

The goal of an RPO contract is to maximise an organisations return on investment from their Human Capital, taking away the administrative burden of managing a Direct and Contingent Workforce, and therefore allowing an organisation to focus on their core, strategic activities.

A further benefit of RPO is in the change from fixed to variable costs which will fluctuate with recruitment activity. This allows the organisation to pay by transaction instead of staff member, avoiding poor staff utilization or any need to downsize staff numbers when activity is low.

Put simply a well managed Recruitment Process provides a higher number of quality candidates, identified quicker, reduced time to recruit staff, reduction of recruitment costs and improved retention of staff.

Mint Human Capital's goal is to create definition and depth to a clients overall recruitment and hiring strategy. Through a due diligence process we will define if any outsourcing of your company staffing processes is right for your organisation, where it may fail, or prove a poor organisational fit that actually reduces the effectiveness of your recruitment strategy.

RPO will free your HR team from the time consuming and distracting administrative and data management activity associated with the recruiting process. It also helps focus and build workable direct hire and employer branded systems that achieve substantial reductions in your cost of recruitment.

By moving from a decentralized to a centralized end-to-end RPO model we help achieve visibility and create seamless process for the client and a better candidate experience.

When considering outsourcing of your recruitment processes it is important to understand that outsourcing will not magically solve staffing issues. A RPO solution may not help a company with its poor existing processes or one perceived negatively by potential employees. In these scenario’s we advise on operational changes to improve the employer branding, retention and staff deployment.

Likewise organisations with efficient hiring process, viewed as employers of choice, may not receive any benefits from outsourcing, in this instance we advise on where to achieve better efficiencies.

Mint Human Capital can immediately deploy resources based on the changing needs of our clients. This scalability is the real value proposition of our end-to-end RPO solution, given that most companies are not well-equipped to rapidly scale up and down to meet their staffing and recruitment needs.

Be it the creation of an on-site team that blends into your culture or a managed unit in our offices, Mint Human Capital offers access to all available recruiting media incorporating the Internet, posters, local newspapers and 3rd party vendor management.

On senior appointments or to supplement niche areas, our executive search support and research team is geared towards surfacing those hard to find and passive candidates.

We offer clients comfort in the fact that specialists are performing the entire spectrum of recruitment services day in and day out and that they understand the in-house requirements.


Contract & Interim Management

We are recognized by our clients for our ability to understand and advise on the commercial imperatives of any project:

  • Change or Transformation

  • M&A

  • Operational Effectiveness

  • Business Restructuring or Improvement

  • Sales Growth and Innovation

  • Strategy Development and Implementation

We work closely with defined talent identified through strong networks crossing all functions and sectors through various global geographies, resulting in a rapid, agile and skilled approach.


Emphasis lies in making certain that the individual required not only has the core skills, competencies and ability but is importantly aligned strongly to the client’s culture and values. Mentoring is also a key deliverable during their day to day role.

Where projects are particularly complex or there are limited skills available, we utilise the core research techniques of our in-house executive researchers to assist in identifying the most suitable candidates across all locations.

Our Interim practice principles can demonstrate considerable operating experience, which provides effective market insight. This enables us to work with each individual client in defining the required brief closely against clear deliverables, objectives and KPI’s to ensure a maximum ROI.

We are currently working with a number of clients to help them grow and develop their operations further by providing high quality and senior level expertise on short term projects.


No Cost Internships

Mint Human Capital has access to many graduates who seek unpaid internships in return for work experience. We aim to connect employers with these talented and ambitious individuals. Following a brokerage business model based on a freemium concept we offer this service to both companies as well as candidates at no cost!

Interns are bright, enthusiastic and can help you with your business’s daily tasks. They offer an economical and flexible option which can increase your business’s profitability in challenging times. Interns have numerous skills to offer: they can cover short term work requirements and work outside office hours, e.g. at evening or weekend events. They can help out when additional resources are needed to cover peak times, or when regular staff cannot be recruited.

Candidates find internships as an ideal way to meet employers and gain some work experience, while employers will use it to conveniently find and maybe down the line hire a talented individual.

Mint Human Capital recognises internships as becoming an essential part of a growth process for both graduates and companies. We truly believe that this is a real contribution that we can give free to the market and to client companies where labour costs represent a high percentage in the P&L.

Please contact us, if you are interested in finding quality no cost interns to help your business achieve its goals.


Training & Consultancy 

Mint Human Capital Training and Consultancy services complements our Executive Search Recruitment service by providing a variety of complete talent management solutions and sophisticated delivery models for a range of high level client requirements and challenges.


Our business is unique in its training offering. We work with you to develop and train your staff by providing a FREE Training Needs Analysis.

Providing and organising effective training can take up more time than expected and Mint Human Capital can save the worry and hassle by providing our clients with various HR related training courses at highly competitive rates:

  • Appraisal and Performance Management

  • Recruitment and Selection

  • Effective Interviewing

  • Selling and Negotiation Skills

  • Customer Service

  • Time Management

  • Managing Redundancy

The training services we provide are delivered by experts in their field at your premises and utilise blended learning methods to meet your needs.



Mint Human Capital consultants work closely with all stakeholders, listen carefully, analyse and review structures and procedures in our client organisations in order to suggest, design and implement suitable solutions for the respective situation – from restructuring and M&A to growth scenarios.

Our Consultancy service includes:

  • Needs Analysis

  • Benchmarking, Recruitment

  • Talent and Retention Management

  • Performance Management

  • Reward Schemes

  • Learning and Development

  • Organisational Strategy

Executive Search Recruitment
Research For Search
Managed Services
Contract & Interim Management
No Cost Internships
Training & Consultancy
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